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Apartment at  laemchabang : soontareehouse  located on sukhumvit road near the Laemchabang Industrial and port, Kasetsart university sriracha campus. It easy to travel. The soontareehouse not far from shopping mall is Harbour mall, Robinson Sriracha. And 20 minutes to pattaya in vacation and holiday.

Also nearby are schools, hospitals, banks. And surrounding residential community. Which could be called Aesthetics? House is called in the central business district that has it all.
Fax  : 038 491 223
Mobile  : 098 429 2254, 099 2269 692
E-mail  : soontareehouse@gmail.com
Website  : www.soontareehouse.com
Serviced apartments are available on monthly basis....
Rooms are simple but stylish. We selected for you...

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